Leak Repair by Urethane Injection

Leaks through cracks in:

  • concrete
  • defective concrete
  • ineffective water stops

Can be repaired quickly and easily by the use of the urethane injection techniques used by Ohio Pressure Grouting.  Typically, water does not have to be drained and storage tanks do not have to be taken out of operation to perform our waterproofing work.  Urethane grouts are compatible with potable water and are used with sewage water as well.  Urethane not only stops water flow but has the additional benefit or rebar protection.

Urethane Injection crack repair
Urethane Injection to repair cracks in a fluid containment system
Before repair of leaking containment wall
Before OPG repaired leaking containment wall
Repairing leak by Urethane Injection
After repairing leak by Urethane Injection

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