Levelrock Commercial floor leveling systems
Levelrock floor underlayment application
Underlayment Systems

Commercial and Residential Underlayment Systems

LEVELROCK® CSD® EARLY EXPOSURE™ floor underlayment is designed specifically for interior use in buildings with light-gauge steel frame construction and direct application to corrugated steel decks. It gives strength at a minimal thickness.

LEVELROCK® Stronger Than Concrete™ topping and capping floor underlayments provide strength that rivals conventional concrete.  LEVELROCK® has an economical topping/capping solution - the 3500 line.  Use 4500 NXG® for one-step floor corrections, or PROFLOW™ or QUIK-TOP™ floor underlayment when you need the highest compressive strengths in the industry for finished floors.

Akron Apartment renovation utilizing Levelrock Underlayment over old wood floors

Underlayment Installation in new Goodyear Apartments in Akron

Self leveling floor application over old wood floor
Floor prior to underlayment installation
Prepping irregularities in old floors
Lots of prep was needed before leveling
Installation of USG underlayments
Installation of USG 2500 underlayment

The finished Levelrock flooring installation

Underlayment installation
Finished underlayment installation
Levelrock underlayment installed
Underlayment installation complete

Renovation of Chester Apartments in Downtown Cleveland

Large scale floor restoration and resurfacing using Levelrock underlayment.

Commercial floor restoration Cleveland
Flooring prior to underlayment
Cleveland apartment floor restoration during renovations
After Levelrock underlayment Installed
Level Rock commercial floors underlayments installed
Flooring installed ready for next steps!

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