Soil Nails

Soil nailing is a method of earth retention that relies on reinforcing strands or helical members installed within a soil mass to create an internally stable gravity wall/retaining system. 

There are many advantages in using Soil Nails over other retaining wall strategies.

  • It is ideal for tight spaces
  • It can be used in irregular shapes
  • Less noise and fewer traffic obstructions
  • Less impact on surrounding areas
  • Minimum shoring is required
  • Lower load requirements than tieback anchors systems
  • Eliminates the time and expense of placing steel piles
  • Can be used to repair other existing wall systems
  • It can be used on new construction, temporary structures or on remodeling
  • Wall height is not restricted
  • Reduced right-of-way requirements
Soil nails are used here to shore up and stabilize this wall
Use of Soil Nails to stabilize wall

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