Shot Blasting Preparation for Floor Refinishing

Preparation is key for your new floor finishing or Refinishing.

Shot Blasting Preparation

Shot blasting is a process of attacking the concrete surface with some type of shot material. This is typically done to remove some sort of irregularity on the surface such as scale.  It is also done sometimes to clean or prepare a surface for finishing. The shot can be sand, small steel balls of various diameters or granules of silicon carbide. The machine that propels the shot is either a large air gun or spinning paddles which hurl the shot off their blades.

Shot Blasting Floor Prep
Shot Blasting removes old floor coatings
Shot Blasting removes old finishes and prepares floors for new coatings
Concrete Finishing machine
Concrete Prep Large Area
Bolt & Stud Removal for floor preparation
Proper floor prep requires stud removal & hole filling

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