• Dam & Dike Repair

    Large scale concrete dam and dike repair

    • Crack Repair
    • Soil Stabilization
    • Foundation Stabilization
    • Grout Mats
    • Grout Bags
  • Exterior Surface Grouting

    With pressure grouting

    • Exterior chipping repair
    • Cracking & crumbling concrete repair
  • Shot Crete Soil Stabilization

    High pressure grout pumping

    • Spray concrete
    • Soil treatment

Providing Repairs for Industry Since 1985

Ohio Pressure Grouting is one of the largest restoration contractors in Ohio.  We serve all of Ohio and surrounding states. 

When you bring Ohio Pressure Grouting in to handle your structural maintenance problems you are in the hands of seasoned professionals.  OPG has the equipment and materials designed by experience to fit the situation and get the job done right and fast.

Tunnel Repair and Waterproofing by Pressure Grouting
OPG Waterproofs Tunnels by Pressure Grouting

Structural Maintenance & Modernization

  • Halt Settlement of Building Foundations
  • Stabilization of Stacks & Power Plant Equipment
  • Pier or Docking Facility Repair with grout filed fabric jackets
  • Stabilizing machinery bases
  • Hydraulic Structure Repair
  • River Bank & Water Front Erosion Control
  • Reinforcement Piers for columns or new equipment
  • Sewage Treatment Facility Repair
  • Raising & Stabilizing concrete slabs and roadways
  • Expansion Joint Installation & Repair
  • Consulting & Repair for Containment Areas
  • Retaining or Cribbing Wall repair with aggregate concrete bags


Pressure Grouting of seams and cracks in concrete
Grouting can be accomplished in wet or dry situations

Ohio Pressure Grouting has the flexibility to stay out of your way and cause minimum interference with your routine operations so you can keep working and meet your deadlines.

Call or contact us NOW to learn how we can solve your toughest concrete structural and waterproofing problems!

Concrete waterproofing for water containment systems
Drinking water storage system leak and waterproofing
Pressure grouting to repair concrete columns
Pressure grouting is used to repair concrete columns

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