Foundation Underpinning and Piering

At Atlas Piers NEO our company provides affordable structural repair solutions for failing foundations of houses and businesses across Northeast Ohio  and the surrounding states. Our company's structural repair experts are experienced in restoration solutions for both residential and commercial foundations including:

  • Foundation piers
  • Foundation underpinning
  • Foundation leveling
  • Basement wall repair
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Chimney repair
Chimney repair for homes
Many homes need fireplace chimney foundation repair
Underpinning for wall separation repair
Underpinning to restore wall separation
Pier placement for under pinning
Pier placement for underpinng building
large container foundation repair
Container tank foundation restoration
Exterior wall underpinning restoration
Exterior wall underpinning restoration for correct wall placement
Interior walls and foundation underpinning
Interior walls and foundations can be underpinned

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