Why Fix My Foundation?

Foundation problems are often the result of a variety of changes that can occur in the soils surrounding your home. Unfortunately, these problems don't get better with time – they only get worse!

Many people believe foundation problems occur only with older homes.  A Consumer Reports study found that 15% of new homes had serious foundation problems!  These problems were due to these 4 problems:

  • Poor Construction
  • Building on Poorly Compacted Soil
  • Expanding Soils Damaging the Home
  • Supports that are Inadequate or Deteriorating
foundation inspections
Foundation Inspection by a Certified Contractor

When Should You Fix Your Foundation?

Sometimes homeowners ask if they have to fix their foundation problem now.  Living with a foundation problem keeps you from fully utilizing and enjoying your living space. Any work done to your home will constantly need to be repaired until the problem is permanently fixed.

In some extreme cases, homeowners have waited so long to fix their problems that entire basement walls have collapsed, resulting in an unlivable home that is very expensive to repair.

It is clear that a defective foundation is going to have to be dealt with. Fixing these problems now, can bring you peace of mind of knowing your largest investment is  safe,  and fully usable. 

Foundation settling and cracking of brick walls
Foundation cracking of brick walls

DIY Foundation Repairs

Sometimes homeowners try quick-fix solutions to the damages caused by foundation problems. One common repair is to just patch or mud over drywall cracks. This may temporarily fix the cosmetic damage but it does nothing to stabilize the foundation or prevent it from happening again.  Another way that homeowners try to fix foundation problems is tuckpointing exterior cracks.  This also is temporary, as the cracks will open back up as the problem continues.

Foundation movement causing window casing cracking
Foundation movement causing window casing to pull away from brick wall

Return on Investment

Consider the resale value of your home.  Most people sell their home at some point in their life. You know you would be hesitant to buy a home with a structural defect.  If you did though, you would never pay the asking price. The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires these types of problems must be disclosed to potential home buyers. Realtors know they have to discount a home with foundation structural defects from 10 to 20% be able to sell the home.

Each installation Atlas Piers performs is designed to last, and comes with a manufacturer's warranty, as well as your installer's own in-house warranty.

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