Concrete Sealers, Coatings & Repellants

Concrete Sealers

These sealers contain silanes or siloxanes and have little or no effect of the appearance of the concrete surfaces treated.  Surface defects, contaminants or profile irregularities will not be covered up by this application. 

Some film forming sealers like epoxy, urethane and acrylics without pigmentation may darken concrete and give it a sheen finish.

0 to 3 mils Dry

Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Thin-Film Coatings

This line of products are made to produce a high degree of imperfection hiding power.  They are not used for covering anything but the most minor surface imperfections.  Even some minor imperfections will show through unless thorough surface preparation is performed.

4 to 10 mils Dry

Thin-Film Concrete Coating

High-Build Coatings, Self-Leveling Coatings, Polymer Overlays

These are the materials used for more hiding power and the ability to fill in some surface irregularities.  The ability to produce a more smooth finish is accomplished by the increased thickness of the coating application with this technique.

10 mils to 1/4" Dry

High-Build Coating or Polymer Overlay

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