Typical Blast Track Applications:

  • Remove paint form concrete floors
  • Concrete floor preparation for new flooring systems
  • Floor preparation prior to painting
  • Concrete texturing & laitance (trowel mark) removal
  • Creating anti slip surfaces for roads, ramps, walkways
  • Rubber removal from airport runways

Blast Track surfacing is a dust free procedure and uses no chemicals or water.

Concrete Floor Prep Using Blast Tracking to remove imperfections
Concrete Floor Prep Using Blast Tracking

Blast Tracking Video

How Blast Tracking Works

A metal abrasive is thrown by a rapidly rotating blast wheel.  It is accelerated towards the surface being prepared and strikes the surface being prepared. 

The media rebounds, along with removed contaminants, into a recovery chamber or separator. The dust collector removes the pulverized abrasive, dust, and contaminants.

Very little abrasive is lost and the blasting media is returned to the storage hopper for recirculation by the blast wheel.

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